Participate in the HEC Alumni – Student Mentorship Program 2020-2021 !

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We thank the 115 graduates who have signed up for this Mentorship session. But we have 125 students who have registered…

We are still looking for a few Mentors for this new Mentorship season !

Why the Mentorship Program ?

  • Purpose ? Offer a student support and advise in preparing for their professional future or for a project, by sharing the experience of an HEC graduate who studied in the same faculty.
  • For who ? 3rd year Bachelor and Master students.
  • By who ? HEC Alumni, active members of the Association, participating as volunteers.
  • When? November to May.
  • Work load? Plan one meeting or one exchange per month. The program is defined with the student and also according to the availability of the Mentor.
  • No need to be based in Switzerland or meet in person to be a Mentor: Meetings can be done by video conferencing (Skype, Zoom, …) or phone.
  • What is essential for the Mentor? The desire to be useful and advise a motivated HEC student.
  • What is essential for the Mentee? Be open minded, curious and ask questions.

Become a Mentor of a HEC Student !

Do you want to share your experience (even if short) with a student ? Provide her/him with advice that would have been useful to you before entering the professional world? Allow our future leaders to start with the right cards in hand? Become a Mentor for an academic year!

Register as a Mentor [here] 


The registration to become a Mentee is now closed